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Rise School of Austin


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Rise School of Austin

Starla Halfmann



My “Rise” painting was brought to life through a really fun project that my friend, Arianne, presented to me. She is a kindergarten teacher at Rise School of Austin and what I love about the school is their unique education. They are the city’s first and only school dedicated to early education of children with and without disabilities in an inclusive classroom setting. To learn more about their story, here is the link to their website: Rise School of Austin

For this project, I invited a group of the 5 year old children over to my home to help me paint a piece that would be donated and hung in their school!

On a rainy day, the children and their parents came over to my house for a tour and time of fun painting! I have included the video below to give a good image of what that day looked like. Just in case you were having a hard time picturing a group of 5 year olds, mass amounts of paint, and rainy weather. Haha.

The children were so wonderful and definitely excited to get their hands (or whole body) messy with some paint! Rain and glitter sprinkled the air, while globs of bright colors were flying around on their paintbrushes. I loved getting to see the children open up their creative sides and just enjoy what they were doing! The day ended with a kiddie pool to clean up and splash around a bit more. It was a very chaotic, but most importantly an uplifting day! The children were able to be involved in something fun, as well as expressive. I hope they now walk into their school each day seeing “Rise” and feel proud of what they accomplished!

For me, being able to create this piece out of what the children first imagined was truly an honor! I hoped that this painting would truly reflect Rise’s sense of uplifting and the children’s colorful personalities. 

If you are looking for the “Rise” painting, you will find it hanging at Rise School of Austin. But the good news is that prints for “Rise” are now available! You can find the prints for purchase here:

To celebrate “Rise” being available now in print, I am doing a giveaway! I am going to giveaway a First Edition Print of “Rise” to one lucky winner!

To enter the giveaway:

1. Please make sure you are following me on Instagram (@starlamichelleart) as well as on Facebook (Starla Michelle Fine Art)

2. Share my post on your social media account and make sure you tag me and include #starlamichellefineart!

3. For a bonus entry, tag 2 friends who you think will share your love of this painting!

The deadline to enter will be Tuesday, July 19th at 12:00pm CST

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 20th